Life Insurance Portfolio Servicing

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Katz Life & Financial has experience with life insurance policies acquired for investment.  To date, collectively, we processed nearly $15 billion of life insurance face applications and portfolios.  We have brokered and serviced nearly $3 billion of life insurance portfolio face amount.  Katz Life & Financial manages its clients’ portfolios with care and diligence; making sure assets are current and intact.  Our clients receive a wide range of services to ensure maximize portfolio value.

Let Katz Life & Financial customize a Portfolio Servicing Contract for you.  Choose a turnkey approach or choose from our wide range of services.

Katz Life & Financial provides the following services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Servicing and Value Enhancement
  • Life Expectancy Monitoring – Medical Record Monitoring
  • Death Tracking and Death Benefit Processing
  • Disposition Services
  • Reporting

 We Add Value

  • Transition services on new acquisitions and dispositions
  • Obtain up to date information on a regular basis
  • Order up to date VOC’s, in order to have all of the portfolios policies prepped for immediate individual or group sale, if desired
  • Assemble information breakdowns
  • Engage in ongoing discussion with Carriers about the possibility of removing optional Riders, and what savings may result
  • Receive, maintain and react to all carrier notices
  • Order life expectancy reports and related, required data
  • Additional information obtained:
    • Obtaining a detailed breakdown of load and expense charges, for modeling purposes
    • Timely reordering of all illustration, COI and VOC information.
    • Prepare valuation models on policies (extra charge.)

We Provide Auditing Services

  • Centralized electronic filing system
  • Reviewed docs on entire portfolio and separated by Type – i.e.
    • Loan & Trust
    • Modeling and LE
    • Illustrations and Policy info
    • Medicals Records
      • Maintain physician lists
    • Maintain policy data master to include all policy detail
    • Maintain all carrier payment information including:
      • Overnight Instructions
      • Wiring Instructions
    • Monitor premium due dates and make premium payments
      • Assist loan portfolio owners in converting loans to owned policies

We Track Your Valuable Asset

  • Custom databases for the following:
    • Master Policy Audit
      • Including new subsystems for tracking the additional data ordered as described above
      • Designed to be quickly modified and adjusted to display for resale
      • Surrender Form Tracking
      • Conversion (Change Form) Tracking
      • New Grace Tracking
      • LE, APS and RX Record order Tracking
      • SS#  – DMF tracking
      • New Physician by Client reference

We Maintain All Aspects of Your Portfolio

  • Premium Payments
  • Grace/Lapse Tracking
  • Illustration/VOC/Policy information
  • Agent (Client point of Contact) Interface
  • Successful Settlement negotiation
  • Medical Record and LE ordering where warranted
  • Valuation modeling where warranted