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At Katz Life & Financial you get the life insurance, consulting, business commercial loans and other services you need. Our years of experience, professionalism and personal service result in Clear Results For Life.

  • Life Insurance Premium Financing

    Life Insurance Premium Financing

    Bridge the gap between need for insurance and available cash for premiums. The best way to pay for life insurance is with...

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  • Life Insurance Portfolio Servicing

    Life Insurance Portfolio Servicing

    Katz Life & Financial has experience with life insurance policies acquired for investment.  To date, collectively, we processed nearly $15 billion of...

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  • Life Insurance For Individuals

    Life Insurance For Individuals

    Katz Life Financial provides individuals with the financial protection needed to insure income protection and estate preservation for one’s family and loved...

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  • Life Insurance For Business

    Life Insurance For Business

    Your business represents a significant investment of time and capital and in most cases is your primary source of livelihood. Katz Life...

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  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Katz Life Financial will consult with you or your financial advisor regarding your individual life insurance policy or your business related policy.  KLG routinely...

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  • Commercial Lending

    Commercial Lending

    Katz Life Financial provides business with commercial loans, working capital and cash flow loans.  We cater to all size businesses and have...

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